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Ushuaia Film è una casa di produzione cinematografica indipendente, nata dall’unione di tre filmmaker internazionali e le loro case di produzione video. Il nostro obiettivo è quello di condividere una visione comune e creare un progetto innovativo nel mondo di cinema e advertising.

Perché Ushuaia “è la fine del mondo, principio di tutto”.

Ushuaia Film is an Italian independent video and film production company, born from the union of three international filmmakers and their own video production companies. Our goal is to share a common vision and create an innovative new project in the cinematographic and advertising world.

Because Ushuaia “it’s the end of the world, beginning of everything”.


Niccolò Maria Pagani

Director | Producer | Founder

Born in Milan, Italy, on July 1982, since August 1983 he’s trying to escape from Italy. After 10 years of career as journalist, Niccolò just found out that there’s something better then words: images. That’s why on 2011 he created S&T Media Factory, his own video production company specialised on sailing, and on 2016 flew to Manhattan to attend producing and filmmaking classes at New York Film Academy and shoot his first short film as writer, producer and director. Now, he has two dreams: direct the first feature film and take the world tour on a sailing boat. First stop, of course, Ushuaia: “fin del mundo, principio de todo”.

Reel 2021


John Bonardo

Director | Producer | Founder

Born in the UK but raised in Argentina, John as a child created castles with his stepfather’s VHS collection, to later find out that he, Warren Kieffer, was a cult filmmaker from the 60’s Italian cinema. Probably, as he says, “that VHS collection was the beginning of everything”. He studied advertisement and after traveling the world he moved to Barcelona to complete his degree in cinema and to realise short films and video about music and fashion. After a break to develop Babooth, a technological event company, John is now ready, with Ushuaia, for a comeback to creative filming. Because, as they say, Ushuaia is “fin del mundo, principio de todo”.


Angelo Galeano

Audio Man


Francesco Zoppei



Mila Requeijo

Production Manager


Lucio Pontoni



Guto Moura



Neil Devetti